Customer Charter


Insurance Commission Guidelines

We are committed to implementing the 2014 IC guidelines, and subsequent amendments, on electronic commerce which place the consumer’s interest at their heart.

Safe & Secure Operations

We take every effort to maintain a safe environment for all activity on this website. Hackers are a part of 21 st Century life but we use industry standard encryption techniques in relation to all data.

Maintenance of Customer Privacy

We endeavour to ensure that your confidential information is protected at all times. Dragonpay will not store any data relating to your financial transaction with us.  We will never pass your data onto third parties not associated with the transaction.

Provision of a Quality Service

Our people understand your issues because of their extensive experience. We aim to tailor the cover to your needs.  We monitor repair shops that provide a service to our customers.

Transparent Product Information

All our product information is published on our website. As you follow your journey through our website, you will be offered opportunities to confirm or amend the data you have supplied as well as to review the cover that is to be provided.

Prompt Response

We will respond promptly to all cover inquiries and alterations, all claims matters and any complaints that you may make. We aim to resolve any issues within 24 hours but if that is not possible we will contact you to advise you of the timescale when we will be able to resolve the matter. We will provide accurate and up to date information when you need it.


Should you have any questions or additional concerns, you may reach us thru the following:


Ms. Leizyl B. Gloriani

General Manager

1 st March 2019


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