Fast and hassle-free insurance services‒ this is what Direct Link promises to all its clients. As we reach the last quarter of 2016, DL reports its excellent hit rates from the past 9 months to its Management Committee. Let the numbers do the talking. This data further proves how fast and efficient Direct Link’s service is on just about anything related to keeping your vehicle protected.

OVERALL 90% 9 out 10 who learned about DL, requested a quote
70% 7 out of 10 who made an inquiry, went on to purchase


99% 10 out of 10 people referred to DL, called to make an inquiry
93% 9 out of 10 referrals who made an inquiry, went on to purchase
OVERALL 90% 9 out 10 Repeat Purchase
GROUP ACCOUNTS 90% 9 out of 10 Repeat Purchase by Referrals from Group Accounts

The beauty of going direct for your car insurance is you get one-of-a-kind experience that saves you time (only a phone call away for your insurance concerns) and money (zero middleman and aid commission). Direct Link operates through a modern call center facility, with its services delivered by highly seasoned underwriters/customer service associates who have expertise when it comes to car insurance. With just a phone call, we can assess your risk, issue your policy and have it scheduled for delivery the next day. No unnecessary questions, simple and straightforward.